Geology 3010 Mineralogy Syllabus Fall, 2017

Here's the syllabus and links as of December 8, 2017  Schedule is provisional.

The lecture meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 - 10:30 AM in Benson Earth Sciences (BESC) Rm 185. 

This syllabus is provisional and will evolve during the semester. There is a set of links to my html lecture notes for each lecture. In addition, there is a link to the Power Point lecture notes for each lecture. The Power Point notes are subject to change right up to the time of the lecture. Initially, these are the Power Point notes from last year's course. 

This year we are incorporating the use of Clickers and will try to also incorporate many of the principles of the CU Science Education Initiative. So you will need to bring your clicker to class.

The recommended text is Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy by Dyar, Gunter, and Tasa. The text is available from the Mineralogical Society of America in paper or electronic. I will collect a group order the first week of class .

There are three laboratory sections offered this semester. Laboratory sections meet in BESC 455. There will be no lab sessions the first week.

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Dates Lecture Subject     

Aug.29   Mineral Definition    PowerPoint        Lecture          DGT Chapt 1   

Aug. 31   Mineral Properties      PowerPoint      Lecture           DGT Chapt 2   


Sept. 5   Chemical Classification of Minerals          PowerPoint     DGT Ch 2;      Lab 1: Physical Properties                

 Sept. 7     Mineral Environments       Power Point                Lecture	(DGT Ch 20) 
Homework 1  


 Sept. 12    Crystal Systems & Classes     Power Point        Lecture              Lab 2: Field Trip                 
 Sept. 14     Point Groups              Lecture                  DGT Chapt 3 & 4 

Homework 2a

Homework 2b


Sept. 19 Point Groups  PowerPoint       Lecture               Lab 3 Point Groups (Blocks I)

 Sept. 21    Space Groups        PowerPoint        Lecture      DGT Chapt 11 & 12  

September 9-17 Denver Gem and Mineral Show  

Homework 3a   

Homework 3B

 Sept. 26    Crystal Structures,          Lecture                    	DGT  Chapt 14       Lab 4 (Blocks II)           
 Sept. 28       Structure and stoichiometry      PowerPoint	 	DGT Chapt 3 & 10                   	 	         

 Oct. 3         X-rays & powder diffraction           Power Point           DGT Chapt 15               Lab 5 (Structure Drawing I)                         
 Oct. 5   Density and X-ray Diffraction                  Power Point            DGT Chapt 15                       

 Oct. 10   Test 1                             1-4                Lab 6  X-rays I (XPOW Calculation)
Sample Test I         Sample Test I (with answers)                                                                      

Problem Set 4 PS4 answers

Problem Set 5     PS5answers
Problem Set 6  PS6answers
Problem Set 7  PS7answers
Problem Set 9  PS9answers

Oct. 12  ;  Introduction to optics      Power Point           DGT Chapt 5          

Problem set 8 Instructions

Problem set 8 SpreadSheet

Problem Set 8 answers

 Oct. 17     Intro Optics- Microscope, isotropic minerals            Power Point       Lab 7  X-rays II  (XPOW Calculation) 
			DGT Chapt 16

 Oct. 19  Birefringence &     Pleochroism

 Oct. 24     The Indicatrix   Power Point                      Lab 8.        
 Yes there is lecture!! I will be here!!  
 Oct. 26    Biaxial Interference figures 		     DGT Ch 17     


 Oct. 31   Biaxial Indicatrix                          Lab 9. The Petrographic Microscope                     
 Nov. 2       Lecture Notes Light 1         Lecture Notes Light 2        


 Nov. 7          Lab 10. Isotropic  Minerals

          Problem Set 10  Problem Set 10 Answers                                                   

Nov. 9  Phase Diagrams           Lecture Notes Phase Diagrams    


Nov. 14     TEST 2    Answers                  11. Uniaxial Minerals    
Sample Class TEST II	Sample Test Answers  

Nov. 16    Systematic Mineralogy Native Elements  Lecture Notes Native elements      DGT Chapt 23

Research Paper Due 


Nov 20-24 Fall Break

Nov. 28    Natives and Halides Lecture Notes Halides        DGT Chapt 23     Lab. BiaxialMinerals 

Nov. 30           Sulfides   Lecture Notes Sulfides     


Dec.  5     Video Lecture Carbonates      Lecture Notes Carbonates    Video Lecture Phosphates      Lecture Notes Phosphates

Dec. 7       Video Lecture Oxides    Oxides2		  Lecture Notes Oxides and Hydroxides                 

Lecture Notes Systematic Descriptive Mineralogy


Dec. 12   Sulfates & Phosphates Lecture Notes Sulfates           Review                                      

DEC 14 Thursday 9:30 AM  FINAL EXAM



The final exam will be Thursday, Dec 14 in the regular class room at the regular class time.